Micro-needling Home Care Bundle


Micro-needling Home Care Bundle


Ideal for clients who what a more advanced home care routine to increase collagen production and penetration of skincare products.

Using the correct home care and using it consistently between professional treatments will enhance the results of professional treatments with an automated needling device.

Roller lightly in a # pattern around the face taking care around the eye and nose area (do 2-3 passes around the face just what feels comfortable for you).

Open Genosys Intensive Repair Mask and apply to face, wear for 10-20 minutes, remove and allow collagen to soak into the skin for a minute or two.

Apply a pea size amount of the Genosys Post Repair Cream in circular motions over the face taking care around the eye area.

1 X 0.50 mm Skin Roller
4 x Collagen Masks 
1 x Post Repair Cream

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