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Henna Brows with ombre blend

Henna Brows with ombre blend


HENNA BROWS a natural & vegan friendly treatment

Unlike standard tint, henna tints the skin in addition to hairs, and it is a natural vegan friendly product. The Henna fades faster on the skin, it is dependent on a client’s skin type and how well aftercare is performed as to how long it lasts, it can vary from a few days to up to 2 weeks. It lasts a lot longer on the brow hairs between 4-5 weeks.

Henna Brows can create amazing oMBRE BROWS

The henna is left on the brows to develop for 10-30 minutes. A gorgeous ombre affect is achievable with henna to gradually blend in the tint in from the brow bulb for a stunning natural look. I have 7 henna shades and can mix these to suit each client.

Henna brows gives HIGH DEFINITION and INSTANT EYE LIFT effect

I map the brow in order to gauge the correct shape for each client. This allows for better definition of the brow and can raise the arch of the brow. Having perfectly defined brows the correct shape will give an instant lift to the eye.

brow Equipment Used

Henna tint with brow shaping utensils

HENNA BROWS Treatment Duration

Henna Brow Treatment - 1 hour


I recommend the Henna Brow precision eye pencil to infill your Henna Brows between treatments. They are available in three shades and have brow spoolie on one end to comb brows into place.

HENNA BROWS Treatment Frequency

The length of time that the tint will last on the skin varies depending on a client’s skin type and aftercare post treatment. It will last for 4-5 weeks on the brow hairs.

As the brow hairs begin to grow back in they will need tidied up and reshaped on a monthly basis.


Dual ended Henna Brow Precision Pencil

Available in three shades, perfect for infilling between brow appointments


Henna developing, results are never as black as the henna tint

The results are much lighter than the henna tint whist it is setting


I will patch tested a small area behind the ear to check for allergic reactions.

There is a short medical history and lifestyle form to fill out to assess your suitability for henna brows.

Patch test must be carried out at least 48 hours before full treatment.


Please avoid;

Any form of make-up or creams on eyebrow area to keep the tint on the skin for as long as possible (fine to use once tint as faded off your skin)

Excessive heat (baths/shower, hot tub, hairdryer) post treatment for 24 hours

Sun exposure natural or sunbed for 48 hours

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