Val’s Story 

Travelling down to see me from bonny Stonehaven, Val started visiting Reverse for treatments soon after turning 50. She felt that after this milestone birthday, it was time to add a bit more than products to her skincare routine.

Feeling that her skin concerns escalated after turning 50; wrinkles, loss of volume and dullness, is what effected Val the most.

This made her feel self-conscious and she was unsure if there was anything that could manage these concerns, without resorting to Botox injections. She felt that Botox could result in a more artificial appearance, she just wanted to enhance her natural look and be the best version of herself.

Val has used an array of different skincare products, we often yap about them during her treatments. Elemis & Decleor she found a bit too fragranced and Gatineau (she liked this cleanser) to name a few. She felt she was using a mishmash of different products.


Valerie, 52

Started coming for treatments after her 50th birthday

Looking in the mirror, I think the worst was less volume and sagging, it looked like my face was collapsing! I have, since about 40, spent a fortune on the latest creams and potions; then being frustrated after about 3 weeks of using them, usually due to the fact that every time I buy a new one I promise myself I will stick to a routine but this usually fails because I want immediate results. Needless to say, I have a drawer of “failed” products that I now use as hand creams or on my neck!
— Val Sey

Val came upon my Facebook page and was interested in my dermaplaning & enzyme peel treatment. She decided to take the plunge and booked in. Whist in for her dermaplaning treatment, we got chatting about the other skin treatments I offered, mostly about my micro-needling. Val thoroughly enjoyed her dermaplaning treatment and loved the way it made her skin feel. I gave her some further literature to read about micro-needling to take away with her.

microneedling-before and after-montrose

After reading through the information I provided, and of course, having a search on google (as we all do) and reading my reviews, Val, again took the plunge with me, and booked in for a block of micro-needling treatments.

Micro-needling creates micro-trauma to the skin, this engages your body’s immune system to ‘repair’ the skin, in turn flooding the area with collagen. It is this response that gives tightening and lifting results. It is your own body doing the hard work, producing its own collagen; a totally natural approach to anti-ageing treatments.

During her micro-needling treatments, Val never found them painful, micro-needling should cause enough trauma to kick start your body’s collagen production but not enough to cause pain to a client. During a treatment, the skin can feel hot with some post treatment redness, which usually passes within 24-48 hours, and make-up application allowed the following day.

I pride myself on giving sound advice to my clients and promote using consistent home care to enhance the results of your professional treatments. Val took this on-board and purchased one of my micro-needling home care bundles, that includes the Genosys micro-needling cosmeceutical range and skin roller.

I religiously used the home roller and masks while undergoing monthly professional sessions and I think that played a part in the overall improvement of my skin.
I also purchased genosis BB cream after using a sample you gave me. This is now the only product I use as it covers every blemish, red veins and dark circles. I no longer use foundation, even on special occasions. The Genosys products make my skin look and feel so healthy and glowing. People have commented on the glow and I can see the evidence in photographs. I have now added the Genosys sun cream to my daily regime. I used it today and it does not leave a white residue on the skin and it was the perfect base for my BB cream. I found the range compliment the products that are used in the professional treatments I have had, and will have in the coming months, due to now liking what I see in the mirror! Thank-you so much Mhairi!
— Val Sey

This before picture was taken before Val’s first micro-needling session, and immediately after a skin plumping package; a skin feeding treatment that involves a light chemical peel and mesotherapy. The skin will continue to improve after a skin plumping package but it does have immediate results.

Having my block of 6 professional micro-needling sessions, using the home roller kit and the collagen masks, in addition to my skin plumping treatments - my skin is so much better. It is plumped, glowing, has improved tone and reduced wrinkles.

I enjoy my sessions as you explain everything, answer my questions, relax me and bring new therapies. You offer value for money and you instil confidence that I can have great skin but also that it’s not an overnight miracle!
— Val Sey
microneedling-before and after-montrose